Thursday, 23 August 2012

Maybe its about time I updated my blog :) as its been a month or so atleast!

So in the last month so much has happened my baby has turned 1, my big lad is 5 and were having another baby in Feb! Auntie Sue bought him/her some teeny hats today their 1st present :) God that girl is my bestie and I love her to bits!

We have been out for a lovely meal tonight for Ians birthday with some fab friends and Granny Joan made me a lovely lil keepsake book...she is 1 tatented (but very short) lady!

I have had no time to craft at all with my baby walking and being into everything, he is an absaloute terror at th moment, yes hes soooo cute but sometimes I just wish he would calm down and not try and eat everything an pull all the dvds off the tv stand!

Well I will try and update a bit more often and keep u all informed of how baby craggs no3 is coming along!



  1. Love you all to bits too and great to see your blog back up x x

  2. stalker how did u no id updated hahaha x