Thursday, 23 August 2012

Maybe its about time I updated my blog :) as its been a month or so atleast!

So in the last month so much has happened my baby has turned 1, my big lad is 5 and were having another baby in Feb! Auntie Sue bought him/her some teeny hats today their 1st present :) God that girl is my bestie and I love her to bits!

We have been out for a lovely meal tonight for Ians birthday with some fab friends and Granny Joan made me a lovely lil keepsake book...she is 1 tatented (but very short) lady!

I have had no time to craft at all with my baby walking and being into everything, he is an absaloute terror at th moment, yes hes soooo cute but sometimes I just wish he would calm down and not try and eat everything an pull all the dvds off the tv stand!

Well I will try and update a bit more often and keep u all informed of how baby craggs no3 is coming along!


Tuesday, 3 July 2012

So I was asked at short notice if I could do 2 cards 1 for a birthday and another for a 40th wedding anni...usually I would have time to think about these but with minimal time, mr C at work, a poorly Harry and Thomas sat goin mam can I have this, mam can I have that I came up with 2 very quick and simple cards.

I used my lovely new butterfly diecut and spellbinders for usual I couldnt make a card without my trusty splodgeAway mat and inks so I inked up my sentiment with the limited addition distress spring inks!

For some reason this photo wont upload the right way! This was done with my nesties and some gems to do my 40s and of course I had to do some splodging this time I kept my nestie on and splodged around it giving it a different effect! I cant wait to see Tom on create and craft on Thursday, I know the DT have been so busy helping and I just have to appologise that I havnt been around much to help so sorry girlies!


Monday, 25 June 2012

random update

Well guys Im back from sunny Spain by what a busy weekend but so much fun! :) Its nice to be home tho theres only so long u can stay in a room with no air con!

Im hoping that I get to craft whilst Mr C is off work as we have a poorly babba again so hes not sleeping, which means Im up all hours with him while Ians at work!

Thomas has lost his 1st tooth so we are eagily awaiting the toothfairy to arrive, only problem is I have no change so gona have to try and get it out me theres a challenge!


Friday, 15 June 2012

Have just sat down 2 craft and realised that half my stuff is still in the car...Im not venturing out in this rain for 3 or 4 trips just to get it :( gutted I got a lovely quiet night and I cant craft! I would also like to show you how very talented my mother In Law is she has made a gothic guest book and its absaloutly gorgeous! Hope you all like it x

Friday, 8 June 2012

So after a busy few days/week Im planning on getting some cards done tonight...boys depending! They seem to be a nightmare going to bed at the moment :( with Ian working nights aswel Im doing it all myself and its starting to get hard! Every time I think Harrys asleep I go up and there he is out of his sleeping bag stood up at the side of his cot...and of course Thomas has to be involved and winds him up! Starting to get worn down by the pair of them now

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

SplodgeAway project week 4

This week we were given a brand new mask to play with coggs and balloon. This really isnt something I would usually use so I found it really challenging, but after many attempts and strops I finally came up with my card. I really like it and again loved distressing as always. Hope you all like it, and as always head over to the SplodgeAway blog to check out the rest of the DT's projects for this week and see how many different looks we have come up with using the same mask, there are also full instructions on how to do my card!

my babies growing up

As if my gorgoeus Harry has decided that he wants to now walk, its been major fun and games around the Craggs house as we follow him round and sit behind him constantly...I think he thinks that he is older than he is and can follow his big bro around the house! Thomas however needs to realise that he is still very unsteady and needs to stop diving on the poor baby knocking him over all the time. But Im sure within a couple of weeks they will b playing nicely together...well I can hope anyway